German start-up releases VR platform for passengers in the car

German start-up Holoride has released a VR platform for passengers in the back of the car. The car’s movements, including acceleration, braking and cornering, are synchronized with what the user sees in virtual reality.

According to Holoride the synchronization of the movements of the car should minimize any motion sickness. To date, two original VR titles, two puzzle games, and four educational experiences are available for the platform. Holoride states that those library will still grow.

In order to use Holoride, in addition to a subscription to the service, an HTC Vive Flow headset and a compatible car are required. Holoride is currently working with Audi. Certain vehicles of that brand produced after June 2022 will be supported. A ‘stable internet connection’ is also required.

The bundle of Holoride has a suggested retail price of 699 euros and includes HTC Vive Flow glasses, an 8BitDo Pro 2 controller, a ‘Safety Strap’ to attach the VR headset to a seat belt and a 12-month Holoride subscription. After that, the subscription costs 14.99 euros per month with an annual subscription or 19.99 euros per month with a monthly subscription that can be canceled. The Holoride platform is currently only available in Germany. Other European countries will follow at a later date.

Image: Holoride