Garmin fēnix 6X Pro Solar smartwatch has glass with transparent solar panel

Garmin introduces its fēnix 6 generation of sports smartwatches. Several models appear in three sizes: the 6S, 6 and 6X. The top model, the 6X Pro Solar, is equipped with Power Glass to extend the battery life with solar energy.

According to Garmin, the battery life of the fēnix 6X Pro Solar is 21 days in smartwatch mode, but that can be extended by 3 days using solar energy. For these figures, the manufacturer assumes that users wear the watch all day, of which three hours are outside in an environment with 50,000 lux. Solar energy is generated with a transparent solar panel that is incorporated into the glass of the watch. Garmin calls it Power Glass. Only the 6X Pro Solar version, which costs at least 950 euros, has the option to recharge the battery with solar energy.

The fēnix 6X is the largest of three versions in the new range, with a 51mm case and 1.4″ screen. The 6 is the regular 47mm model, with a 1.3″ screen, and the 6S is the smallest version, with a 1.2″ screen and a 41mm case. All models use trans-reflective LCDs, which are easy to read in sunlight.

The smartwatches have a new PacePro feature for runners to match their effort to the route. Runners can set target paces on the watches or do so through the Garmin Connect app. All versions are equipped with an improved heart rate monitor and, like their predecessors, have a pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen level in the blood.

The Pro versions of the new fēnix smartwatches have 32GB of storage and are equipped with WiFi. The cheaper versions have 64MB of memory and only bluetooth and ant+. The Pro versions have Spotify and Deezer apps installed.

The smartwaches can be connected to a smartphone and can then display notifications of, among other things, incoming calls, WhatsApp messages and e-mails. The watches all support Garmin Pay for contactless payment and have built-in GPS support.

Prices for the Garmin fēnix 6 and 6S start at 600 euros. The Pro versions of those watches cost at least 700 euros and Sapphire variants are available from 800 euros. The larger fēnix 6X Pro costs at least 750 euros. The 6X Sapphire variants are available from 850 euros and the 6X Pro Solar costs from 950 euros. There are also more expensive variants of all watches with different straps.

Garmin fēnix 6S Garmin fēnix 6 Garmin fēnix 6X
Dimensions 42x42x13.8mm 47x47x14.7mm 51x51x14.9mm
Lens material 6S and 6S Pro: Gorilla Glass 3
6S Sapphire: sapphire crystal
6 and 6 Pro: Gorilla Glass 3
6 Sapphire: sapphire crystal
6X Pro: Gorilla Glass 3
6X Sapphire: sapphire crystal
6X Pro Solar: Power Glass
Screen 1.2″, 240×240 pixels 1.3″, 260×260 pixels 1.4″, 280×280 pixels
Memory 6S: 64MB
6S Pro and Sappire: 32GB
6: 64MB
6 Pro and Sapphire: 32GB
Waterproof 10 atm, 100 meters 10 atm, 100 meters 10 atm, 100 meters
Battery life Smartwatch: up to 9 days
Watch mode: 34 days
Smartwatch: up to 14 days
Watch mode: 48 days

Smartwatch: up to 21 days
Watch mode: 80 days

Wireless Techniques 6S: bluetooth and ant+
6S Pro and Sapphire: WiFi, Bluetooth and Ant+
6: bluetooth and ant+
6 Pro and Sapphire: wifi, bluetooth and ant+
WiFi, bluetooth and ant+
From price 6S: 600 euros
6S Pro: 700 euros
6S Sapphire: 800 euros
6 Pro:
6 sapphire:
6X Pro: 750 euros
6X Sapphire: 850 euros
6X Pro Solar: 950 euros