‘Game Pass counterpart for the PlayStation will cost between 10 and 16 dollars’

Sony’s Xbox Game Pass counterpart for PlayStation will likely be priced at $10, 13, or $16, depending on what’s included. That writes the website Venturebeat. According to Venturebeat, Sony will start testing the new subscription service in a few weeks.

According to Gamesbeat, which is part of Venturebeat, PlayStation will come with three subscriptions: PS+ Essential, PS+ Extra and PS+ Premium. These plans are $10, 13, and $16 in the US, respectively. It is not yet known what the price will be in euros. PS+ Essential is what is now PS Plus, with the user getting a few games every month. PS+ Extra adds a game catalog similar to Xbox Game Pass and PS Now. PS+ Premium adds the streaming feature of PS Now, access to classic PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and PSP games and ‘game trials’.

Game trials allow users to download and play full versions of new games before they become available to other players. That’s how EA Play now does for some games, for example. Gamesbeat does not say how this information came about, but does say that the prices and names of the different subscription types may still change.

In December it was announced that Sony is working on a counterpart to Xbox Game Pass, whereby it would merge the current PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. An anonymous source told Bloomberg that at the time. The new subscription service is internally codenamed ‘Spartacus’. The different tiers were also already known. What is new is how much these different subscriptions will cost.

According to Gamesbeat, Sony will be testing the new subscription service in the coming weeks and it is possible that the company will announce the new service in March. It is not yet known when the service will be available for PlayStation gamers.