G.Skill will launch a 48GB DDR5-8000 memory set in April

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G.Skill introduces a new Trident Z5 memory set. This DDR5 kit has a total capacity of 48GB and achieves speeds of up to 8000 mega transfers per second. The memory set will be released next month; G.Skill does not yet share a suggested retail price.

According to G. Skill the new Trident Z5 RGB set consists of two dimms of 24GB each. The set reaches speeds of 8000MT/s with CL latencies of 38-48-48-127, the manufacturer claims. The memory supports Intel XMP 3.0 overclocking profiles to achieve the promised specifications. During a test in combination with an Intel Core i9-13900K CPU, the dimms achieved read and write speeds of around 120GB/s, the manufacturer claims. In terms of appearance, the dimms are otherwise identical to the Trident Z5 RGB-DDR5 modules that have been available for some time.

G.Skill says the DDR5-8000 kit will be available to consumers worldwide in April. However, the company does not share suggested retail prices. The company previously showed DDR5-8000 sets of 32GB. There are currently no prices listed in the Pricewatch, but these sets were available earlier this year at prices of around 600 euros. Several other manufacturers also recently introduced memory sets with 24GB and 48GB memory modules, including Corsair and Micron, although those sets were clocked lower.

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