FromSoftware shows fifteen minutes of gameplay of Elden Ring

FromSoftware has a gameplay trailer of the RPG Elden Ring for the first time. The trailer features a character battling a dragon and shows players how to move through an open world and pick up quests.

The trailer shows a player starting the game in an open world called ‘the Land Between’. The character can move through the open world on foot or on horseback, with camps as resting points. It is also possible to place beacons on the map to drive to. The trailer also shows how players can fight as well as use magic and sneak to avoid enemies. While traveling, players encounter major and minor boss fights. It also shows how a character fights against a huge dragon, and later a cooking pot that came to life.

The gameplay also showcases how players in the world can discover and explore dungeons and catacombs. In those dungeons, there are often multiple routes available to take. As in other Souls games from FromSoftware, players can summon other players to fight together online.

Elden Ring was announced in 2019 and is made by FromSoftware, which is also behind Dark Souls. The game is co-written by George RR Martin, the author of A Song of Ice And Fire. The game will be released in February of 2022 after a delay. A Closed Network Test will take place later this month where players will be allowed to test the game.