Google Pixel 3 and 3XL will receive the latest update early next year

Google will give the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL the latest update early next year. The phones will no longer receive the November patch and the update guarantee expired in October. With that, Google has supported the phones for just over three years.

It is something that Google refers to as a ‘sunset update’, reports Android Police. In addition, the manufacturer fixes bugs and leaks one more time before it will no longer support the phones. The Pixel 3 models came out in October of 2018. It was known from the start that Google would guarantee three years of updates and upgrades. There are two models: the smaller Pixel 3 and the larger 3XL, which is characterized by the large notch in the screen. It has remained the only Pixel phone with a notch in the screen.

The newer Pixel 6 phones get five years of updates, while various manufacturers for their phones now promise four years of security updates. It is unknown why Google is not continuing to support its Pixel 3 models. The support is therefore in line with that of the Pixel 2, which last received an update in December last year.

The next Google phones that will no longer be supported are the Pixel 3a phones. They came out in May 2019 and will therefore receive updates until May 2022. Then it is the turn of the Pixel 4, which are scheduled to receive their last update at the end of 2022.