French drone maker Parrot stops producing cheaper drones

Drone maker Parrot will stop producing and selling its cheaper models, the Bebop, Mambo and Swing. The French company will only focus on its professional drone, the Anafi.

The company confirms this to The Verge. It does not immediately provide an explanation for the move, but it is known that competitor DJI is a very large player in the market for unmanned aircraft, which, despite the enormous popularity of the devices, controls the lion’s share of the market: three quarters. However, Parrot doesn’t directly compete at the same price points with the three cheaper drones. The company has been working on the turn to the professional market for some time.

The drone that now remains in Parrot’s spotlight is the Anafi. A 320 gram foldable drone that can shoot videos in 4k resolution with hdr at 30fps. The drone costs 699 euros and is therefore firmly in the more expensive segment. The French company also develops spy planes for American defense.