‘France and Germany have to start European YouTube competitor’

Europe needs to start a video platform for public and private broadcasters, publishers and scientific and cultural institutions, as a counterpart to YouTube. That is what the CEO of the German ARD calls for.

France and Germany should be the driving force behind such a platform, says Ulrich Wilhelm, director of the ARD against Handelsblatt . The CEO advocates a kind of European YouTube with elements from Facebook regarding reactions from viewers and with a good search function. According to him, the platform should be based on European ideals of diversity, quality and openness.

Wilhelm calls Airbus and Galileo successful examples of such European cooperation. According to him, it is not the intention to exclude American influence, but to offer more choice to users. The market would ask for that. “Anyone who wants to reach a large target group on the internet will inevitably end up on Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, and hundreds of millions of users are ready for a new platform in Europe, rooted in our European culture and the rule of law”, according to Wilhelm.

he is the problem that American values ​​are now being maintained on American platforms, with nudity being seen as something worse than denial of the Holocaust. Since the algorithms for moderation are American-style, Europe threatens to lose its digital sovereignty, is its message.

France and Germany could initially provide financing for the project’s start-up phase, but in the end it would must be financed both publicly and privately. According to him, the whole would not have to cost 50 million euros. Concrete steps for the plan have not yet been taken, according to the interview.