Founders of Instagram get away after frustrations at Facebook

After WhatsApp founder Jan Koum left at Facebook earlier this year after disagreement about the course that is being sailed, the same thing is happening at Instagram. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are according to the initiates the “heart and soul” of Instagram and are jointly responsible for what Instagram is and with that the success of the social media app. And now they’re leaving.

According to the official press release the two “take time to rekindle our creativity and curiosity.” Building something new requires us to take a step back and we plan to do so. ” In that press release, it is not surprising that the two have had a complete break with the constant involvement of Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram was seen as a best independent part of Facebook, but lately there was less and less of that.

Disagreement with Zuckerberg

According to the reports, the two founders had a lot of disagreements with Zuckerberg about various changes to the product, such as the changes in comments and how posts are shared between Instagram and Facebook. Then you can have caught a billion dollars for Instagram (and that two years after founding) but you’re frustrated at work.

It often happens that the founders of successful apps leave the companies that bought them after a few years, but Systrom and Krieger have apparently been around for longer than most and played such an active role that they did not make it a matter of time and cams seems to be. It seems strongly that there are great philosophical differences between how the two Instagram wanted to run and what Zuckerberg and the Facebook team wants. Or that bad news for Instagram users we have to see, but the chances have become a lot bigger that within a year and a year a lot of things have changed to Insta. What that is? We will find out.