Foundation behind programming language Rust has started

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The Rust Foundation has officially started. The foundation will focus on the further development of the Rust programming language. The first board meeting will take place on Tuesday, in which members of large tech companies participate.

There are eleven members on the board of the Rust Foundation. These come partly from large tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Huawei and Microsoft. The board members have their first meeting on Tuesday. This makes the Rust Foundation official, after it was announced last summer.

The original creator of Rust is Mozilla. That has transferred all infrastructure surrounding the project to the new foundation. This also includes the registry.

With a separate foundation, it should be more clearly established that Rust is an independent project. The foundation will therefore not so much concern itself with developments in the programming language itself; that leaves it mainly to the core team.

The foundation manages an annual budget of one million dollars. This includes promotion through events, and new services related to the programming language are introduced.

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