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Fortnite season 4 has landed with a big bang

“The world will never be the same!” says the announcer in the video that Epic Games has published to announce the fourth season of Fortnite Batte Royale . Of course we already knew that, because while in recent weeks a comet got bigger and speculation about which part of the map would be wiped out, there was one candidate who saw everyone: Tilted Towers. The incredibly chaotic piece on the Fortnite map, however, remains to everyone’s surprise!

Another part of the map is gone, and if you want to invent it for yourself, you do not have to scroll any further than the video, because then you know it. In addition to the changed location, there is also a new addition in the North: Risky Reels, a half-destroyed drive-in cinema with car wrecks everywhere. There are some other minor changes, the main of which at first sight is that the crossbow is removed as a weapon. Fine, because you did not exactly have that thing.

Where did the comet fall?

Anyway, the crater: it hit Dusty Depot, which is now called Dusty DIVOT. Not only is the environment logically completely changed, you can also pick up things from the ground that give you the opportunity to jump much higher and longer, say, changed gravity as you would have on the moon.

Logically it is a little bit of pressure on the new location, but a lot of people are initially too busy trying out what is possible to deal with the shooting of the opponents. Fortunately, there is always a super-irritant streamer to find that does and that in passing also does a tour of the new area, if you can not wait to see it for yourself:

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