A job in Communication? These are your options

Communication is a broad concept and that also applies to the jobs that you can get in that sector. The range goes from web editor via webcare to things like digital storytelling, content creation, social selling and an overarching online strategy. What is right for you? And where could you possibly add something to your knowledge? If you are interested in this field, there is a lot to learn, that is one thing that is certain. So make sure that if you do, you will have a reliable partner to learn from it.

Bring that message

As an all-round web editor or content manager, you now have to be able to do more than just write nice texts for the web, despite the large number of jobs in the sector. You need expertise about online reading behavior, SEO, copywriting, usability and social media. A strong content plan is also part of this, as are the associated agreements and work processes. Digital Storytelling is also a part of that: that is about telling your story well, where it is especially important that you use the right media to tell that story. Connecting the right target groups with the right platforms is an art in itself.

If you go into the webcare you are more concerned with the customer experience: increasing customer satisfaction is paramount and if something goes wrong it is your job to ensure that your employer’s reputation can not enter the kliko. Then you must be proficient in crisis management and also have insight into usability, or user-friendliness, both of the things you offer help and your own systems.

The journey to success

If you are not helping, you are effectively selling. The concept of social selling also depends on this. The goal is to build a long-term relationship with your target group, often in a business context. Then it is important to investigate very well how you approach that target group, which channels they like to use and in this way make personal contact. That ‘ customer journey ‘ has different phases and if you know exactly where you are, you know what you need to do to ultimately achieve the result you are looking for.

Above all those aspects of communication is usually a manager who manages the entire online strategy. If you are at that level, you have the basis of all previous sports, but here too, it remains to watch out: the market moves quickly and before you know it you are behind. If you have to define strategic policy, you have to be seriously up-to-date. Of course you have the people who work with you, but occasionally keeping up is not a bad idea, besides everything you have to arrange. It is the most difficult job of them all, because if it goes wrong it is your head that goes off, but yes: that’s why they pay you the big bucks .