For $ 14 per month no ads on Facebook?

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Facebook is under fire referring to the recent data scandal Cambridge Analytica . Partly because of this, the discussion about the revenue model is in full swing. According to a US media calculation, every user would have to pay 11 to 14 dollars a month to make his or her Facebook network advert free.

For 14 dollars per month no more ads on Facebook. Sounds like an interesting option for many. Zuckerberg himself indicated during the hearings in the Senate that Facebook remains free of charge. I do not think so either. After all, the revenue of the number of paying users will not be able to compensate the income from advertisements. Please note Facebook earned ad revenue in America with its 239 million US users as much as $ 19.9 billion. This is currently the only revenue model of Facebook. It is also far from realistic to think that everyone will just switch to a paid account. Of course we do not have to feel sorry for Zuckenberg, but he does not get this business case with less income and bigger expenses.

Premium services

I believe that Facebook will roll out new (premium) services in the coming months. Whether or not you see the advertisements with them is obviously the question.

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