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Fitbit is on the rise due to smartwatches

The latest quarterly figures of Fitbit are not: the smartwatches are responsible for a larger share of the turnover than in the previous quarter, which went from 30 to 55 percent.

Fitbit Versa

Especially the Fitbit Versa is sold very well. So good even that this smartwatch was sold out. The Versa won it from the smartwatches from Fossil, Garmin and Samsung. Fitbit was first seen as a laggard when it comes to Smartwatches, but that turns out to be pretty bad. The sales price rose on average by six percent compared to last year. This is due to a wider range of smartwatches.

Fitbit also saw growth in health. The company has had good ties with partners such as Humana and Diplomate. So it could add more health apps to the smartwatches.


Although Fitbit’s smartwatch runs like a train, not everything looks bright for the company. The total turnover was a lot less than last year. It is also the question whether Fitbit can continue this line. A new Apple Watch is expected in the autumn. This may prevent Apple users from going for the Fitbit Versa.

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