Fitbit Charge 5 wearable with color screen costs 180 euros

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Fitbit announces the Charge 5, the successor to the Charge 4. The new model has a color OLED screen instead of a monochrome screen. In addition, the screen has rounded corners and it supports always-on. The Charge 5 will be released at the end of September.

The Charge 5 is Fitbit’s first tracker with an always-on display. For example, users can see statistics while training. The OLED screen is also “twice as bright” as the screen of the Charge 4, according to the manufacturer. At 21.8mm, the screen is slightly shorter than the Charge 4 model, but it is a lot wider at 14.7mm. The screen of the Charge 4 model measures 22.7×12.5mm. The Charge 5 has a screen diagonal of 1.04″.

Furthermore, the new model is 10 percent thinner than the predecessor. The battery of the Charge 5 lasts up to seven days and can be charged to one hundred percent in two hours. The Charge 5 can be submerged up to 50 meters under water and requires a smartphone with at least Apple iOS 12.2 or Android 8.0 to use the Fitbit app.

Like its predecessor, the Charge 5 has built-in GPS. The tracker also supports twenty training modes, automatic sports recognition and is the first Fitbit tracker with an eda sensor. Such an electrodermal activity sensor measures the body’s response to stress based on changes in the sweat glands on fingers, according to Fitbit. The Fitbit Sense was the first Fitbit device to have an eda sensor.

The Charge 5 shares more features with the Sense, such as the ECG app. This app will be available ‘soon’ and can detect cardiac arrhythmias, among other things. Like other Fitbit smartwatches, the Charge 5 also supports Fitbit Premium, which makes additional features available for an additional cost. This includes a daily recovery score, ‘personal insights, tailor-made guidance’ and a deeper analysis of the user’s sleep.

The Fitbit Charge 5 costs 180 euros and will be available worldwide this fall. According to the Fitbit site, orders will ship at the end of September. Buyers can choose from a black, white or blue variant. There are also different bands for sale, such as silicone variants and sports bands. The Charge 5 comes standard with a large and small band and a charging cable.

Fitbit has been part of Google since the beginning of this year. The Charge 5 is the third wearable released after the acquisition is completed. Earlier this year, the Fitbit Ace 3 and Fitbit Luxe were released.

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