First preview of GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti appears online

The first information about Nvidia’s GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti video cards has surfaced. The low-end models of the Geforce GTX 700 series use the new Maxwell architecture, which is said to be more energy efficient than the current Kepler architecture.

The news could be read on our website UK Gaming Computer, but now seems to be offline again. However, managed to take over the information. The energy efficiency of both video cards can be deduced from the fact that they can draw the necessary power from the PCI Express slots.

Both the GTX 750 and the GTX 750 Ti are based on the GM107 GPU. The GTX 750 has 1GB of gddr5 ram on board and the GTX 750 Ti has 2GB. The memory of both runs at 1350MHz. UKGC immediately ran the cards through a benchmark and compared them with the GTX 650 Ti and the GTX 660. It is striking that the GTX 750 and the GTX 750 Ti perform better in 3DMark11 than the GTX 650 Ti. This while the cards from the 600 series do have a 6-pin power connector on board. The GTX 660 performs even better.

Because the models that UKGC owns are standard overclocked, it is difficult to say what the specifications will be for other GTX 750 models. These GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti have GPUs of up to 1163MHz. The 750 has 768 Cuda cores and the 750 Ti has 960 Cuda cores. Both cards still use the 28nm manufacturing process that the Kepler cards also use. The two models will be released on February 18.