Start-up releases SIM card sticker for cheaper international calls

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Canadian start-up KnowRoaming has released the first stickers to be stuck on a SIM card. This sticker makes it possible to make calls on a SIM-free mobile phone in other countries at lower costs, while internet and texting are also cheaper.

The KnowRoaming sticker, which is 0.25mm thick, can be stuck over any type of SIM card with an included applicator. The condition is that the device does not contain a SIM lock. Arriving in another country, the mobile will automatically connect to a local provider with which KnowRoaming has an agreement. In their own country, the caller will simply remain connected to his normal provider.

Thanks to the KnowRoaming sticker, a mobile phone abroad does not use the providers with which its own telco has a roaming deal. This allows a caller to make calls at a much lower cost, while also making internet browsing and texting much cheaper. The discount on the call rates can be up to 85 percent, claims the start-up. In addition, the user can create local phone numbers.

KnowRoaming has now concluded agreements with providers in hundreds of countries and regions by purchasing calling minutes and MBs. In addition, KnowRoaming can always adjust the list of providers via over-the-air updates. KnowRoaming customers can then purchase a prepaid bundle themselves. The call credit would have an unlimited shelf life. The user can additionally manage the account settings at KnowRoaming via an iOS and Android app, although a stickered SIM could be used in almost any mobile phone.

The first 500 starter kits have now been delivered by the Canadian start-up and the company wants to expand its customer base as quickly as possible in the coming months. The starter kit costs $35. According to the start-up, the service is particularly a godsend for business travelers or people who do not have a dual SIM phone. It is not yet clear whether the service will also be available in Europe.

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