Firmware Update: PlexWriter 12/10 SCSI

ady sent us a link to the latest firmware for the Plextor 12/10 speed SCSI burner. If we are to believe the list of changes, it is definitely worth a flash, as speed and compatibility improve:

  • Added support for TDK 80min CD-R media
  • Fixed a bug where a system hang up may occur after write error in EZ CD Creator
  • Improved initialization of some recorded CD-RW discs
  • Fixed a bug where a CD-Extra (8cm) disc was recognized as Audio CD
  • Improved reading of ISRC/UPC code at higher speed
  • Improved write performance for various discs and High Speed ​​CD-RW media.

Version number 1.02
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux