Software update: NVMax 2.0 beta

Lithium Grim informs us that another beta has appeared of the tweaking tool NVmax, with which you can tweak any video card based on nVidia chipsets. The makers had promised in the previous beta that it would be the last, but decided to release only one. But this is really the last one, according to the makers.

Below is a list of the changes in this version:

  • NVmax dialog does not display fix
  • Compatibility fixes (lots) especially with 5.xx drivers
  • Added GeForce 2 Go, ALi TNT2, Crush, support
  • Lost of other fixes such as to the interface etc.
  • Nearly forgot to add that the preset section is complete
  • Oh and NT4 support.
  • Version number 2.0 beta
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
    Website NVmax