Firmware Update: OpenWrt 19.07.2

A second update for version 19.07 of OpenWrt has been released. OpenWrt is an alternative open source firmware for a large number various routers and embedded devices. By means of the opkg package management system there is the possibility to determine for yourself what the router can and cannot do. Also on GoT there are several people actively working on it, see this topic. You can simply update the version with sysupgrade from the web interface. The main improvements made in this release are listed below.

Security fixes

Bug fixes and improvements

Device support

  • Fix ar71xx – ath79 sysupgrade for some devices: fritz300e
  • Add ar71xx – ath79 migration for wireless configuration of all ar93xx/qca95xx devices
  • Add support for more devices in ath79: Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M (XM & XW), Picostation M (XM)
  • Add support for Luxul ABR-4500 and XBR-4500
  • Fix CPU performance issues on ipq806x
  • Re-enable images for D-Link DIR-645
  • Various fixes and improvements for several devices: TP-Link TL-MR3020 v3, TL-WA801ND v5, TL-WR841N/ND v8, TL-WR842N v2, WDR3600/WDR4300, Mikrotik RB912UAG-5HPnD r2, Netis WF-2881

LuCI web interface

  • uhttpd: improve reliability of HTTPS requests under heavy load (there was a deadlock leading to timeouts). There may remain residual issues.
  • Fix support for the optional nginx integration
  • Update translations from website

Core components

  • Update Linux kernel from 4.14.167 to 4.14.171
  • Update mac80211 for brcm to latest 5.6 backports

Known issues

  • Transition to ath79: several devices that are supported in ar71xx are not yet supported in ath79: this is a community effort. Helping to port devices to ath79 to make them available in future releases is very welcome.
  • device support: images for some device became too big to support a persistent overlay, causing such devices to lose configuration after a reboot. If you experience this problem, please report the affected device in the forum and consider downgrading to OpenWrt 18.06 or using the Image Builder to pack a smaller custom image
  • device support: unstable Ethernet link with atheros switch on some ath79 devices (such as TL-WR841N): FS#2216, FS#2730
  • LuCI web interface: some optional GUI packages crash with an error about missing “cbi.lua”, install the luci-compat package to fix these

Version number 19.07.2
Release status Final
Website OpenWrt
License type GPL