Firmware Update: MSI DKA790GX / KA790GX / K9A2 / K9A2CF / KA780G Hyper-V Beta

On the MSI HQ User to User Forum Hyper-V enabled bios has been released for several MSI motherboards. These come from MSI but are not supported, and are also offered entirely at your own risk. A registration on the forum is required for angling these editions, after which a DKA790GX (Platinum), KA790GX, K9A2 Platinum (V2), K9A2 CF or a KA780G could use Hyper-V. The abbreviated announcement looks like this:

Hi guys,

Well good news, I received a bunch of BIOS’ses from MSI that have Hyper-V enabled. The BIOS are released here as Hyper-V doesn’t work for every CPU even if it does have it. If it works it work, if it doesn’t you are out of luck.

The BIOS is attached and we STRONLY recommend you Use the MSI HQ Forum USB flasher!!

Have fun with them, but beware, they are for use at your own risk!! Nor do we know if they will have new versions in the future.

Version number Hyper-V beta
Release status beta
Website MSI HQ User to User Forum
License type Freeware