Firmware update lowers latency Xbox One and Elite Wireless Series 2 controller

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Microsoft has released a firmware update for the Xbox One controller with Bluetooth support, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controller that reduces the latency of these controllers and makes it easier to switch between devices.

With the addition of Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), the three controllers will be able to send the most recent input information to a console just before a game requests that information, according to Microsoft. Both the status of the analog and digital buttons are synchronized with the console, which is new with DLI according to Microsoft.

With the firmware update, the controllers listed above will also have the option to quickly switch between connected devices. By briefly pressing the Pair button twice, the controller will switch between the last connected Bluetooth device and the last connected Xbox device.

With the November Update for Xbox consoles, Microsoft is also introducing new volume and audio settings. Users can now check the option to automatically mute sound from the speaker when connecting a headset. A new panel is also available with detailed information about audio.

This week, Microsoft also announced that it is bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Series X consoles. The service will be made available to all console users in the coming weeks and will be available in 25 regions.

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