Firmware Update: Linksys WAG160N 1.00.15

At the beginning of this month, Linksys has its WAG160N adsl2 routers released new firmware with 1.00.15 as the version number. These routers support draft 802.11n wireless networks and also have 4 Ethernet ports to connect devices. The list of changes since the previous entry in the junk tracker looks like this:

Version 1.00.15:

  • Fixed STC (Saudi Telcom) PPP drop issue: Few minutes after establishing a connection to the STC network the modem/router lost PPP connection while ADSL is still in showtime.
  • Added solution for Forthnet issue: reset DSL if no PPPoE response from Server after DSL disconnected abnormally.

Version 1.00.14:

  • Fixed wireless dropout issue.

Version 1.00.12:

  • DownloadSpeedTest(), DUT web UI(port 80) will be inaccessible if set buffer size to a large number
  • v1.00.11, Wireless, Fail to find wireless SSID after set WPA password with “linksys” (7 chars)
  • GetWLanRadios() cannot return correct WideChannel information
  • GetDeviceSettings2() will return wrong country code for United Kingdom.
  • Fix bug that SIP call can not be initialized from WAN to LAN if the SIP Invite packet of the SIP Server does¯t include port information.
  • Atheros driver¡¯s changelist from to
    • Add FCC6 for Australia and Canada 5GHz.
    • Fixed issue in broadcast performance.
    • Disabled power constraint element when country IE is enabled on 2.4GHz channels since some stations will misunderstand the Power Constraint element and cause tx power to be set incorrectly.
    • Re-enabled 11n NF Periodic Calibration.
    • Fixed a problem where STA cannot reassociate to AP after beacon stuck & HW reset.
    • Enhanced dynamic allocation of TID buffers on ADDBA.
    • Fixed throughput degradation issue during downstream TCP legacy coexistence tests.
    • Addressed multiple BSSID performance issue.

Version 1.00.11:

  • GetPortMapping always returns an extra HEX value 0x10 in field
  • Disable QoS if user select Auto mode but didn’t add any rules
  • Update wireless driver to 802_11-
  • HNAP:DownloadSpeedTest accept invalid data
  • WAG160Nv1-EU-ANNEXA-ETSI-1.00.07(02) code :GetDeviceSettings: Always get a NULL Device name :
  • HNAP SetRouterSettings: FW should not check remote management port if remote management is disabled, CBO, HNAP
  • HNAP SetWanSettings: FW allows a broadcast gateway address, CBO, HNAP
  • HNAP SetMACFilter2: FW allows a multicast MAC address FF:0B:DC:6F:FE:01, CBO, HNAP
  • HNAP SetMACFilter2: FW allows duplicated MAC addresses, CBO, HNAP
  • HNAP SetWanSettings: FW accepts blank PPPoE username with non-blank password, CBO, HNAP
  • Web administrator username should be case insensitive, CBO, username
  • FW writes settings back to flash when doing HNAP Getxxx actions, CBO, HNAP
  • HNAP SetWlanRadioSettings: FW returned “ERROR_BAD_WIDTH” when setting channel bandwidth 40, CBO, HNAP
  • DUT accepted all kinds of values ​​from HNAP setDSLSettings request without verifying them first. DUT responsed “OK” to HNAP setDSLSettings request, which contains ilegally “xxx” as multiplexing value. DUT should reject this value with “ERROR” response. Same problem is with all other parameters in setDSLSettings request.
  • AddPortMapping takes invalid data parameters in setDSLSettings request.
  • WAG160Nv1-EU-ANNEXA-ETSI-1.00.07(02), MAC SetupWinzard v4.9.8074.1, HNAP-GetWLanRadioSecurity:Set WPA/WPA2 key as all printable punctuations, but DUT reply error response when GetWLanRadioSecurity.It’s a firmware bug.
  • Fix Bug upnp sometimes can’t work

Version number 1.00.15
Release status Final
Website Linksys
License type Freeware