Firmware update: Dune HD Base 3.0 / BD Prime 3.0 100413_1555

HDi Dune has released new stable firmware for the HD Base 3.0 and BD Prime 3.0. These full-HD media players are built around a Sigma Designs 8642 media processor. The HD Base 3.0 has a drive bay that can accommodate a 3.5″ SATA hard drive or a Blu-ray drive, while the BD Prime has a Blu-ray loader and has internal space for a 2.5-inch drive. “-hard disk. More information about these media players can be found in this topic on GoT. The new firmware is very similar to the beta from early March and contains only bug fixes compared to that release. Major changes, such as support for Flash Lite 3, one on web kit based web browser and the possibility to also write files to a hard disk in ntfs format, we can only look forward to the next beta. In any case, the changelog of this release looks like this:

Changelog from previous FW 100307_2100_beta:

NOTE: This version has very few differences (mostly bugfixes) from the previously released 100307_2100_beta version. This firmware version is considered to be the most stable and bug free version in comparison with any previously released firmware versions, and thus is recommended to everyone. New big features and further improvements will be included into future beta versions.

  • Some menu languages ​​updated/improved.
  • Minor improvements in the player boot procedure; popup dialog for choosing menu interface language is now shown when booting the player for the first time (when player settings are not initialized yet).
  • Bugfix: white vertical line consisting could be visible on the right side of the screen in some cases.
  • Bugfix: switching to another item in the playlist could lead to playback crash (eg when switching between IPTV channels).
  • Bugfix: picture adjustments could be handled in a wrong way during file playback when autoframerate was used.
  • Bug fix: specific TS files could be handled wrongly.
  • Also includes the changes from 091023_1444_update1.

The following downloads are available:
Firmware 100413_1555 for Dune HD Base 3.0
Firmware 100413_1555 for Dune BD Prime 3.0

Version number 100413_1555
Release status Final
Website HDi Dune
File sizes 37.40MB – 83.10MB
License type Freeware