Firmware update: Draytek Vigor 25xx / 27xx / 28xx / 29xx 3.8.8 /

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 Draytek logo (27 pix) DrayTek has made new firmware available for various routers from the Vigor 21xx, 27xx, 28xx and 29xx series. More specifically, the Vigor2120, Vigor2133, Vigor2760, Vigor2762, Vigor2850, Vigor2860, Vigor2862, Vigor2862B, Vigor2920, Vigor2925, Vigor2926 and Vigor2952. The new firmware has to solve a security problem with which attackers could change dns settings of the routers

DrayTek Security Update
DrayTek has developed new f / w versions for a security issue. There are currently worldwide attacks going towards equipment with SSL VPN.
When is the router vulnerable?
If SSLVPN server is enabled in the modem / router, the modem / router may be vulnerable.
Recommendation: Provide your modem / router with the last available f / w. In addition, the advice to use remote management only remains with an access list.
Download Firmware
Below an overview with the firmware versions that have a patch.
Vigor2120, version
Vigor2133, version
Vigor2760, version
Vigor2762, version
Vigor2850, version
Vigor2860, version 3.8.8
Vigor2862, version
Vigor2862B, version
Vigor2920, version
Vigor2925, version
Vigor2926, version
Vigor2952, version

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