Download Firmware Cisco ESA AsyncOS 11.1.2

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Cisco released a firmware update for its . a few days ago Email Security Appliances, which are abbreviated to ESA. The technology comes from IronPort Systems, which was purchased by Cisco in 2007. Although that was more than a decade ago, you still hear the name IronPort for these appliances. For the supported upgrade paths, it is recommended that you read the documentation or contact Cisco’s TAC. The firmware is called 11.1.2 and has 11.1.2-023 as the exact version number. The list of changes looks like this:

What’s New in AsyncOS 11.1.2

  • Configuring content and message filters to handle messages that skipped DMARC verification – You can configure your appliance to take actions on the messages that skipped the DMARC verification. Use the following settings in the Other Header content filter to categorize the messages that skipped the DMARC verification:
    • Add the Header Name as X-Ironport-Dmarc-Check-Result
    • Select Header Value, choose Equals, and add any one of the following values ​​- validskip, invalidskip, temperror, and permerror

    The following is an example of a message filter rule syntax that is used to categorize a message that skipped the DMARC verification:
    Quarantine_messages_DMARC_skip: if (header(“X-Ironport-Dmarc-Check-Result”) == “^validskip$”) { quarantine(“Policy”); }
    For more information on the header values ​​used in the content and message filters, contact Cisco TAC.

Changes in Behavior in AsyncOS 11.1.2

  • Changes to the SMTP route configuration with the USEDNS keyword – Prior to this release, you could use only the default port (25) as the destination port to configure the SMTP route with the USEDNS keyword. After you upgrade to this release, you can use any valid destination port to configure the SMTP route with the USEDNS keyword.

Version number 11.1.2
Release status Final
Website Cisco
License type Paid
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