Firmware update: Abit KT7A

Devster writes: “One day after the VIA 686B bugfix BIOS, Abit releases a ZT beta BIOS for the KT7A series. Also in this release, the 686B bug is addressed, in addition to a change in the default settings for the IDE controller. accompanying text file a comment is made about a possible solution to the problem with soundblaster Live! sound”:

Beta bios for KT7A/KT7A RAID!!! For Evaluation Only !!!

  • Change the default setting of primary/secondary master/slave IDE to “auto-detecting”.
  • Adds the following three options which was recommended by certain hardware review webpage.
    • Delay Transaction (Advanced Chipset Features)
    • PCI master Read Caching (Advanced Chipset Features)
    • PCI master timeout (Advanced Chipset Features)
  • Some customers said setting the above three options to “Disabled/ Disabled/0” individually may help DMA and sound issue.
  • Date: 4/19/2001

Any success/failure case report to the following email please.

[email protected]

Version number ZT Beta
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux
Website Abit FTP