Ferrari 488GT Modificata is of the hors category

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It is 2020, a year that we will never forget and certainly not in the north of Italy. While most companies are still not at full throttle and the famed Italian car industry has been hit hard, they are just doing their own thing at Ferrari.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata

More than a month ago there was the Ferrari Omologata, the now 10e unique “one-off”. Priceless, beautiful and bloody fast and with 800 horsepower, swallow. Today they report from Ferrari again with another exotic model, the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata. Another of the out-category. This time a car for the track that just does not meet the applicable standards. With 700 hp you are not allowed to participate in the GT3 class where only a maximum of 600 hp is allowed. It’s great to do your own thing, no rules, just design beautiful fast cars that you know for sure that you will always sell well above cost price.

Ferrari Club Competizioni GT

Ferrari’s marketing deserves a prize in that regard. You are assured of publicity and buyers are always in line. So don’t say how much you are going to make of it because that must remain a secret. Only a few regular customers are allowed on the track in the self-organized Ferrari Club Competizioni GT Races. There, as the owner, you will meet your peers, probably in possession of something else very beautiful and at least as quickly. They are heroes, those guys from Ferrari. Continue to build, we will enjoy it.

Like all Ferraris, the 488 GT Modificata offers customers a wide range of customization options for both the exterior and interior. The car, produced in a very limited series, will initially only be for drivers who, in recent years, have participated in Competizioni GT with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT.

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