Newly designed MacBook Pro will be released at the end of 2021

MacBooks have looked more or less the same for years. But in the second half of 2021, Apple will release MacBooks with a new design, says the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The newly designed Macs get an M1 chip – the first Mac chip that Apple designed itself. Another Apple connoisseur, the twitter account L0vetodream, adds something remarkable.

Newly designed MacBook Pro in 2021

This month, the first generation of Macs with Apple’s own Apple Silicon chip appeared. It concerns a MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro and a Mac mini. Although the M1 chip is a big step forward, those Macs all still have the old design.

According to Kuo, Apple is now working on a redesign for several Macs. He does not name specific models, but previously he already spoke about 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros that would appear in the second half of 2021. Other rumors include a redesigned 24-inch iMac and a smaller version of the Mac Pro. Not a word is said about the details of the new design, but the edges around the screen will probably be much narrower.

Intel MacBooks with a new design

That is a strange observation. Apple announced earlier this year that they want to complete the move to their own M1 chip in two years. A newly designed MacBook Pro with the old chip still in it does not fit this story at all. However, L0vetodream has proven to be quite reliable in the past, so it’s definitely something to keep in mind.