Bring Hollywood into your living room

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We can currently go to the cinema, but it is always safer to stay at home. Moreover, there is a lot to watch at home on all kinds of streaming services, video-on-demand services or simply on television. This is possible in great quality, because an OLED television does not have to be a far-from-your-bed show. It can even hang by your bed. Panasonic televisions are very suitable for watching films and series, something Hollywood agrees.

Panasonic has even started a Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL). It has been around for twenty years and is intended to help people from the film industry, such as cinematographers and directors, see what they would most like to see on a screen. After all, it is not just about the image being sharp or showing good colors: the television must actually let the emotions come over, because then a film will stay with you.

Hollywood and Panasonic

If anyone has an idea of ​​what a movie or series should look like, it’s the people who work in Hollywood. During production, they are only concerned with one thing: how much impact will the end product have? Televisions have a large share in that result. A series looks slightly different if you watch it on an old television with a large picture tube, instead of a brand new OLED television with many more pixels and a much better image quality.

Panasonic of course employs experts itself, but the people from the film industry also have a say in how something should look like on a TV screen. For example, Panasonic works together with Stefan Sonnenfeld, CEO of Company 3, among others. He makes extensive use of the color grading of the televisions to convey feelings. He has been referred to as the Da Vinci of film and has shown that in several films, including Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and A Star is Born.


While he works, he has Panasonic OLED screens hanging to show him how something looks. Knowing more? Then check it out this special Hollywood page from Panasonic. Also watch the video below to get an even better picture:

The fact that the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory is doing well is also underlined by THX. This is an independent group that tests the performance of Panasonic’s OLED and LCD TVs. Each model has passed the rigorous testing, further proving that these TVs are ready for Hollywood movies. This way you bring a real Hollywood experience into your home with such a TV. Not only because of the content you watch, but also because of the way in which the television was created. A match made in .. Hollywood.

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