FCC: Tablets and laptops can handle during plane landing and takeoff

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The FCC is in favor of lifting the ban on the use of various electronics in aircraft during taxiing, takeoff and landing. The telecom regulator is calling on the Federal Aviation Administration to scrap these rules.

Julius Genachowski, president of the FCC, has written to the FAA asking for more widespread use of devices such as tablets, e-readers and other portable electronics. Currently, FAA rules prohibit the use of all electronics on aircraft during taxi, takeoff, and landing because these devices could interfere with the onboard electronics due to electromagnetic interference.

In Genachowski’s letter, the FCC boss writes that a reconsideration of the current rules is urgently needed because the use of mobile electronics is “closely intertwined with our daily lives.” Moreover, devices such as tablets and notebooks would not only be indispensable for consumers, but according to the regulator, which approves components such as WiFi and 3G modules, they are also essential for business use and therefore the US economy. writes The Hill.

Despite the current ban, the FAA has set up a committee that will review current rules for the use of electronics on board an aircraft. As early as March of this year, the aviation authority hinted at a possible more flexible attitude to the rules. However, mobile phones should not be switched on during landing, take-off and taxiing. In 2007, the FCC looked at relaxing the rules, but ultimately decided not to do so because there was not enough technical information to rule out wireless electronics interfering with aircraft systems.

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