Signify comes with a security camera that detects movement together with WiFi lamps

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Signify is launching a WiZ home security camera that, in conjunction with the brand’s existing Wi-Fi lights, can detect motion. It is then possible to have the lights flash automatically to deter potential burglars.

The lamps have been available for some time and use the SpaceSensing function of Signify brand WiZ. This technique can detect differences in Wi-Fi signal strengths to detect motion without using motion sensors. Initially, this function was only used to determine when the lamps should be switched on and off, but now can This can therefore also be used to deter intruders.

The latter function works in combination with the newly announced WiZ Indoor Camera. If both are used, the light can alert the owner via the WiZ app if motion is detected at certain times or days. The owner can then view the camera images via the app, while the lights flash preventively to deter the potential burglar. In addition, it is possible to set the lights to switch on automatically at random times, to give the impression that someone is home.

The camera itself has a microphone that can pick up ‘suspicious noises’, such as breaking windows or the fire alarm, after which users receive a notification on their phone. Furthermore, the 1080p camera offers night vision, a talkback function, a viewing angle of 120 degrees and an SD card slot.

There will also be a subscription that stores the camera images in the cloud for thirty days. Users can also manually start a recording with the camera, instead of it only showing the live images. Finally, it will be possible to designate ‘privacy zones’ for certain parts of the room, which will then not be visible. A price for the subscription has not been mentioned.

A set of three A19 bulbs and the camera will be available from June 23 in a Home Monitoring bundle for 160 euros. The camera can also be purchased separately for 90 euros and will be available from June 12.

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