Fans are working on a kart game based on Bloodborne

A group of fans are working on a kart game based on From Software title Bloodborne. It is a fan project from the team behind the previously released ‘demake’ of Bloodborne, which recently came out for PC.

Developer Lilith Walker announces Bloodborne Kart and shares a short teaser trailer that shows a hunter walking towards a Victorian-looking motorcycle. She shares few details, but is already publishing music for the gamecreated by The Noble Demon.

Bloodborne Kart doesn’t come completely out of the blue; it started as an april fools joke. Walker previously collaborated on a large, PlayStation 1-like ‘demake’ of Bloodborne. Last year, she joked on April 1 that the Bloodborne demake would be scrapped. Instead, the development team would focus on a Bloodborne kart game. She also shared Bloodborne Kart gameplay footage, in which two hunters participated in a Pthumerian Cup. The two contestants tore through the streets of Yarnham, collecting items along the way. The gameplay included a Cleric Beast on a certain part of the track.

After the April Fool’s joke, the racing game was not heard of for almost a year, but now the Bloodborne demake is almost two months is out for pc, Walker indicates that Bloodborne Kart will actually be a game. She writes that the game will be released ‘as soon as it is finished’.