Polyphony Increases Rewards in Gran Turismo 7 After Criticizing Microtransactions

Sony and Polyphony Digital are coming next month with a patch that will change the ‘economy’ of Gran Turismo 7. Among other things, the rewards for races are increased. The companies do this after criticism from players about microtransactions and expensive cars in the game.

The update for Gran Turismo 7 coming out early April and increases the rewards players get in the second half of the World Circuits races, among other things. That happens at ‘100 percent on average’, says the developer. There will also be “big rewards” for completing the Circuit Experience with full gold or bronze results. Rewards for online races will also be increased.

In addition, the patch adds eight new one-hour endurance races, which also come with “high rewards”. Players can now also keep up to 100 million unpaid credits in their in-game wallet. Previously, the limit was 20 million, although players could save more credits by purchasing them with real money. The amount of used and legendary cars offered at the same time is also increased.

A second update will follow at a later date. That patch adds the option to sell cars for in-game credits, among other things. At the moment this is not yet possible. Also, with that update, the game will get new World Circuit events and endurance races in Missions mode, including 24-hour races. There will also be Online Time Trials, which will reward players based on the difference from the top-ranked time. It is not known when that update will appear, but according to Polyphony that should happen in the short term.

Gran Turismo 7 was released in early March and received criticism for microtransactions that are in the game, along with cars that cost a lot of credits. In addition, Polyphony Digital reduced the rewards that races paid out after release. Players therefore complained that they had to grind for a very long time to save enough credits for the most expensive cars, if they didn’t want to buy credits with real money. In addition, the game had to deal with server failures, making the single player mode temporarily unplayable. Players will receive one million credits as compensation, the studio writes.