Fan-made ‘demake’ of Bloodborne coming to PC on January 31

A so-called demake of Bloodborne will be released for PC on January 31, 2022. It is a fan project in which the PS4 game is partly recreated in Unreal Engine, with an appearance reminiscent of PlayStation 1 games.

The makers call the game ‘Bloodborne psx’. One of the developers clarified in the comments on YouTube that not the entire game is recreated, but that the demake goes all the way to the second boss fight, Father Gascoigne. Players can still expect some ‘expanded areas’ and ‘some bonus content’ after finishing that fight.

The game will be available to download for free and the maker says it will also release the source code, but that will happen a few months after release. The demake is made in Unreal Engine and runs on PCs. Although the title refers to the PlayStation 1, the game will not run on that console or in emulators.

Players will be given the option to turn on effects that mimic the image of a CRT monitor. Those effects can also be turned off. The developers recently shared a video showing the first ten minutes of Bloodborne psx. The demake is being created by two developers, Lilith Walther and Corwyn Prichard. At the beginning of this year they told more about their project in an interview with Kotaku.

Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 game that was released in 2015. The game is made by FromSoftware, known for the Dark Souls games. The game has never been released on any platform other than the PS4, nor has it received a successor to date.