Fallout 76: Apocalyptically bad

Fallout is such a typical series which is entirely your thing or not at all. It is a game that has a decent fanbase and that the last few games have not experienced any real changes in gameplay anymore. They are always large open worlds that were completely focused on single player campaigns and all your actions had an influence on something. Now Bethesda has figured out that it would be cool to bring this open-world online and let you play with other gamers in that open world. How did this work? Read more.

The game starts like practically every other Fallout title. You wake up in an atomic bunker, create your character, walk around while you follow a small tutorial and you step into the wide world. so far, so good. As you walk through the apocalyptic world and have done some missions, you will soon encounter some other players. Also fine, because this was also the intention. Yet you gradually notice that this game does not really feel like a Fallout game. It is difficult to describe, but it feels a bit like having a Rolex on your wrist, which looks 100% like a Rolex, but of which you secretly know that it is not actually Rolex. But where is that then?