Facebook closes accounts for some users when setting up Oculus Quest 2

Users find that Facebook closes their account when setting up their VR headset Oculus Quest 2. Then they cannot use that headset, because a Facebook account is required when using the device.

Some users are accounts that are closed, while other users cannot create an account , UploadVR reports . There are also reports on Reddit . Facebook acknowledges the problem and subsidiary Oculus is calling on users to create a support ticket if they encounter it. It would concern a small number of users, but how many there are is unknown.

Linking an old account involves closings of the account without reason and apparently with no way to reverse it. Customers who create a new account are asked to upload a photo of identification to verify themselves, but the process then takes a very long time. During that time, the new Quest 2 is unusable. In some cases, users link their existing Oculus account to the Facebook account and thus lose access to their own purchases.

Requiring the Facebook account to the Oculus headset has been a contentious move since the announcement. A German regulator has already called this ‘ possibly illegal ‘.