FIFA 21 Review Many goals, but little innovation

Football game FIFA has some difficulty in bringing sufficient innovation year after year. One year innovations in the series turn out better than the next and FIFA 21 is unfortunately on the less strong side of the spectrum. Every part of the game has new parts and some of them are definitely working out positively, but none of them change the game enough to feel really new. In gameplay, the most noticeable changes – the higher speed and the higher number of goals – aren’t positive changes either. That makes FIFA 21 not a bad game, but a game of which, if you already have FIFA 20, you have to ask yourself whether it is worth your money. Visually little changes, Volta remains quite funny but never really grabs the full attention, In Ultimate Team you largely do exactly the same as previous years and the innovations in the Career Mode are good, but also do not provide a completely different game experience. FIFA 20 sparked a strong call for more change and that will not exactly decrease after FIFA 21.

Control walking lines
2v2 in Ultimate Team
Training and Development in Career Mode
Nicer crowd
The atmosphere around competitions remains good
Too many goals
Gameplay too fast
Much the same as FIFA 20
Hardly any visual steps forward

Anyone who watches football on their television this autumn will see largely empty stands. Small groups of fans are allowed in some places, but it was. Anyone who wants to see the atmosphere along football fields will have to look up old images or seek refuge in games. If you want to recreate football as realistically as possible, you should take the audience away, but we are still happy that in FIFA 21 we just see full stands and cannot find a trace of COVID-19. What we do find: new features for Ultimate Team and Volta, a – finally – renewed career mode and some innovations in the gameplay. Most of all, the hope is that it will provide enough steps forward from FIFA 20, because if there is one habit EA Sports needs to break with,

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