Facebook integration disappears from PlayStation 4

Sony has removed the ability to link a Facebook account to the PS 4. This means that users can no longer share content with their friends or set their profile picture as an avatar. According to Facebook, the problem is due to new contract talks.

The Facebook integration allowed users to send trophies, gameplay footage or screenshots directly from the console to their Facebook friends. That is no longer possible. Also, they can no longer use their Facebook profile picture as a PlayStation avatar. Since Monday, players can no longer find the feature in the share menu and profile photos have been removed. Sony recommends that players add an avatar via the PlayStation itself or via the PlayStation app.

While Sony provides little information about the nature of the problem in its blog post, Facebook tells Kotaku that the removal is due to new contract talks with the manufacturer. “We are working with Sony to finalize a new contract that will improve the integration with the PlayStation. As long as those talks are ongoing, the feature will no longer work.” Facebook also says the feature will return in the future.