Facebook continues to block Donald Trump accounts indefinitely

Facebook is extending the blockade of Donald Trump’s accounts indefinitely for at least two weeks. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this is necessary to allow the period up to Joe Biden’s inauguration to run smoothly.

It is a continuation of Facebook’s policy from earlier on Thursday . Then the social network decided to block Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for 24 hours. The reason was two inflammatory messages that Trump posted in response to the storming of the Capitol. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now writes in a post that the blockage will remain in effect for at least thirteen days. That is until the inauguration of the new president Joe Biden.

“After Congress certifying the election results, the country’s priority must be to ensure that the next 13 days and the days following the inauguration are peaceful,” Zuckerberg writes. “We believe the risks of having the president continue to use our platform during this period are too great.” The blockade is indefinite, but at least for the next two weeks, Zuckerberg writes.

It is not known whether Twitter is also blocking Trump’s account any longer. That social network set a block of twelve hours. The condition for getting the account back was that Trump would delete three tweets. At the time of writing, those three tweets still contain reports that Twitter has hidden them itself. It is not clear whether they were removed by Trump or his team.