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Facebook comes with dating service

Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday during the F8 developer conference in California, San Jose, that Facebook comes with a dating service. The news had a direct impact on the market value (a decline of almost 10 percent) of the company Match which owns the dating application Tinder and that while it is still unclear whether both applications are comparable in terms of functionality.

According to Zuckerberg, there are about 200 million active users on Facebook who have the status “ single ” and it seems almost obvious to do something more with them. Although it will be optional if you want to make use of the dating service of Facebook, again user profiles are used for potential success. The latter largely depends on how your privacy is actually dealt with.

In the beta version of the application, a heart appears in the upper right corner of your Facebook profile. By clicking on this you will reach your dating profile if you have of course created it. According to Zuckerberg, you could mainly look for finding so-called sustainable relationships instead of hook-ups that people use sites like Tinder for. On Tinder you can be anyone, on Facebook you do have an existing account and your privacy would be better guaranteed. Though this last sentence with everything that has happened in recent months, but very much the question. The founder of Facebook is well aware of this and has explicitly indicated that the dating service will receive extra attention in this respect.

That Facebook should be better able to find ‘the perfect match’ on the basis of (big) data, in any case better than many dating applications can be true. Whether people want to use the dating functionality with all the negative publicity surrounding privacy on Facebook really needs to be proven.

To proverbially take the pressure off the boiler, Zuckerberg indicated that there is also a feature in development that allows Facebook users to permanently delete their search history.

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