Facebook closes its email service

Facebook is shutting down its email service. The social network started the service in 2010, allowing all users to get a facebook.com address. However, the e-mail service turned out not to be very popular. Messages are now forwarded to alternative user addresses.

Facebook’s email service was rolled out in 2010 as part of Messages, allowing all users of the service to create a facebook.com address. In a message to users, Facebook informs that emails to the addresses will no longer go to Messages, but will be forwarded to secondary addresses that the user has set. Users can disable forwarding.

“We’re making this change because most people weren’t using their Facebook email addresses and we want to make it easier to see all email in one place. We also want to focus on improving the mobile messaging service,” Facebook wrote. according to The Verge. In recent years, Facebook has hardly expanded updates for its mail service and important functionality was missing, which was probably partly the reason for the lack of popularity.