Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has gone offline

mt. Gox, once the largest bitcoin exchange in the world, has closed its website. It is unclear what the status of the service is now. There are rumors that Mt. Gox is insolvent. Other bitcoin exchanges have issued a statement to restore confidence in the cryptocurrency.

The site of Mt. Gox doesn’t show anything anymore and trading is stopped there. The Bitcoin Foundation announces it is “shocked at the suspected insolvency of the exchange”. A group of bitcoin exchanges speaks in a statement of “a tragic breach of the trust of users of Mt. Gox’ which is ‘the result of the actions of a single company’. “As with any new industry there are bad apples that need to be removed and that’s what we’re seeing now,” the statement said.

The new developments coincide with a document that has appeared online detailing Mt. Gox would contain. However, the authenticity of the document has not been confirmed. The Crisis Strategy Draft states that a plan to destroy Mt. Gox for a month and put a new start page online on the morning of February 25 and continue the fair under the name Gox. The document also states that the Japanese service has lost a total of 744,000 bitcoins, with a total value of $350 million, due to theft in recent years.

Anyway, theft was one of the causes of Mt. gox. The stock market had to stop transactions in mid-February due to transaction malleability. The service pointed to a flaw in the bitcoin protocol as the cause, but bitcoin experts said it was an old known bug, which Mt. Gox should have bypassed. Mt.Gox also suffered from ddos ​​attacks. The exchange stepped down from the Bitcoin Foundation board of directors on Monday.