Microsoft is working on patch for stuttering TV image in pal areas

Microsoft is working on an update for the issues that occur when the Xbox One is watching a television signal in pal areas. Because the console works at 60Hz by default and pal signals only at 50Hz, the result is a stuttering video image.

Microsoft confirms to gaming website CVG that it is working on an update. The console builder does not give a specific date, although Microsoft expects the patch to be ready within a few weeks and can therefore be released in the spring. The Xbox One appeared to have problems with the frame rate that is used in Europe when the console was released. The console converts the 50Hz signal into a 60Hz signal, as is used in North America. In that conversion, frames are added, because the images of the two signals are not refreshed at the same time.

There is, however, a temporary, manual solution to the problem. In addition, the user indicates in the settings that the Xbox One should automatically detect what output should be used. If the user then lowers the output to 720p and answers ‘no’ to the console’s question whether the image is displaying correctly, the output will change to 1080p at 50Hz.