Facebook claims to be a media company in court

Facebook has said in an American lawsuit that it is a media company that makes ‘editorial decisions’. That is at odds with earlier statements by Facebook, in which the company correctly said that it is a tech platform and not a media company.

A Facebook lawyer bore the argument that the social network is a media company this week in a lawsuit, reports The Guardian . “The judgment of a media company is a right under the freedom of expression that does not matter which technological means you use: a newspaper has a function as a publicist whether it is on a website, in a printed copy or by news reports.” The argument is at odds with the line that Facebook has followed so far, where top people have always insisted that Facebook is not a media company and therefore does not have the responsibilities of a media company. For example, foreman Mark Zuckerberg told Reuters two years ago and often repeated this. These responsibilities include dealing with fake news and responsibility for content that appears on Facebook.
Former start-up Six4Three sued Facebook for stopping access to user data in 2015. Six4Three created a Facebook app, with which users automatically took pictures of friends to recognize images of people in swimwear. The former start – up thinks that Facebook should not have denied access to data, the social network does not agree with that.


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