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Google does not deny that developers of Gmail add-ons can read emails

Somewhere here I understand the ‘that’s logical’ or ‘did we already know’ reactions, enough apps or add-ons that must be able to ‘see / read’ their email for their work, but what about it with apps / add-ons where this is not a part?Bit of scanning files story, an anti-virus it is only logical that such a program ‘reads’ your files, after all for searching for virus / trojans / whatever. Here and there sometimes a list or file towards a server for extra control or algorithm, all good because: anti-virus. But when it became known that an anti-cheat read all files, it suddenly became a big problem. Or when game platforms (Steam, Arc, Origin, etc) started doing similar things, it was also a problem. While those basically had the same ‘goals’, anti-cheat looking for cheatsoftware, game platforms to other installed games.
The other way around, it also seems hard to make it hard for a developer to have ‘self’ access to your email. , or that this is only an automated system where nothing is stored (such as Grammarly and associates). How does an add-on work that allows you to insert smilies quickly? Or a disguised ‘advertising add-on’ that uses your email for targeted advertising?
I think it is too simple to say ‘but you gave permission’, I dare to say that 90% never read conditions or privacy rules, but secondary, disagree = can not use.

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