Facebook: children’s version Instagram will not contain any advertising

The children’s version of Instagram will not contain any advertising, Facebook has announced. The company says it is working with child welfare experts in the development of the app.

In addition, Facebook is also developing the app in collaboration with experts in the field of privacy and mental well-being, the company reports in a statement to many media, including LA Times . It is still unknown when the version of Instagram for children under 13 should be released. A rumor came out in March about the arrival of the children’s version of Instagram.

Facebook confirms the details after a call to US prosecutors from 40 US states and various other areas. Umbrella organization NAAG published a letter from officials on Monday , calling on Facebook not to develop the children’s version of Instagram. In it, they argue that a children’s version of Instagram is not a good step, because children would not be good at having an Instagram account and Facebook is not good at protecting the interests of children.

The kids version of Instagram wouldn’t be the first version of a well-known app for kids. Facebook also already has Messenger Kids . Google also made YouTube Kids for the youngest target group. Instagram is now available from the age of 13.