Epic announces Chapter 2 for Fortnite

As expected, Epic Games announced Chapter 2 for its popular game Fortnite on Tuesday. The chapter allows players to play on a new island where water plays a role, among other things.

Epic Games lists the Chapter 2 changes from the first Fortnite chapter on its site. The update has been available for download since Tuesday afternoon for Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and on mobile for Android and iOS. On the PC, the update takes up about 15GB.

The new chapter introduces water gameplay with boats, fishing and swimming. Also new is that players can take care of each other by firing with a bazooka bandage and can carry injured people away. In addition, there are new emotes such as high-fives. There are also hiding places where players can jump out.

Epic Games has overhauled the progression system, providing more ways to level up, according to the company. Players can earn XP and medals through in-game activities such as searching for treasure chests, eliminating opponents and completing challenges.

With the arrival of the update, more than a day of downtime for Fortnite will come to an end. The game went offline on Sunday night. The game was then, as it were, swallowed up in a black hole.