Elgato Releases Pedals For Streamers and Gives Stream Deck Discord Integration

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Elgato releases the Stream Deck Pedal. This is a 90 euro accessory with three pedals, which can be used to perform actions with the foot. Also, the Stream Deck now has official Discord integration.

Each pedal can trigger a combination of actions, Elgato says. Streamers can link different actions to pressing a single pedal. As an example, the manufacturer mentions taking a screenshot, opening the folder that contains that image and starting Twitter, in order to be able to share the image quickly.

Like the Stream Deck, the device is user-configurable and can also be used with other software, such as Photoshop or Lightroom. The pedal is intended for streamers, so that they can keep their hands free and still perform certain actions. However, the accessory can also be useful for users with disabilities. The pedal set has a non-slip finish on the bottom and the springs are interchangeable.

Elgato is also releasing an official Stream Deck plugin for Discord. There were already third-party plug-ins that linked the functionality of the hardware with the software popular with streamers, but now the manufacturer also offers this itself. The plugin supports functions such as microphone mute, push-to-talk and join voice channels.

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