Eindhoven University of Technology students unveil Storm Wave electric motor for world trip

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On Thursday TU/e ​​showed a new electric touring motorcycle, the Storm Wave. Students of the Storm team will drive around the world in 80 days to demonstrate the ‘potential of electric transport’. In mid-October, the team presented the Storm Pulse prototype.

The Storm Wave is a new motorcycle and two of them were made. The Storm student team will start its journey on August 14 and will ride most of the trip with one motorcycle; one is spare. In some places, both bikes will be used, says Bas Verkaik, spokesperson for the team. The engines can cover 380 kilometers and have a top speed of 160 km/h. The engine can accelerate to 100 km/h in five seconds.

“The technical differences are not that big,” says Verkaik. “It has a new battery management system, the front fork is twice as light, twice as narrow and twice as strong and it has become slightly lighter. The engine is also a lot more reliable than its predecessor Pulse. able to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. The overall engine has been tweaked a bit throughout.”

The engine is still built around a modular battery pack that consists of 24 separate cartridges. In total, the battery is good for a maximum of 28.5 kWh of energy and the engine can drive 380 kilometers without recharging. Being able to adjust the number of cartridges to be able to drive more sportily is also still part of Wave’s system. This system was already devised for the predecessor Pulse.

The Storm World Tour covers the Northern Hemisphere, from Europe to Asia and then North America. The total distance that the motorcycle has to cover is 26,000 kilometers. People, companies and institutions can offer electricity or other facilities via the Storm Grid.

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